Krug Kreperie

Last Sunday, I had the most ridiculously priced but wonderfully Christmassy lovely crepe and champagne experience at a Covent Garden alpine-inspired pop-up store. I adored the set-up and immediately made a reservation. I’m not going to lie though. As I made the reservation, all I could think of was ‘this had better blow my mind’, and texted my friends, asking if we were completely mad for doing this. So what is ‘Krug Kreperie’? During the first week of December, three enormous festive present-like champagne crates popped up on the East Piazza overnight, in the spirit of Christmas. This collaboration between the Krug champagne house and French chef Pierre Koffman (Berkeley Hotel) brings diners a selection of six sweet and savoury crepes. The crepe of your choice is complemented with a glass of Krug Grande Cuvee. Cosy sheepskin rugs, heated seats on wooden logs, tables made out of timber with Baccarat crystal chandeliers hovering above and street musicians nearby could not have made the ambience any more perfect.Although the pop-up experience only lasted the first week of December, the menu will be at The Berkeley Hotel for a month from now, till mid-January.

£70 for crepe & champagne (2 people)

Covent Garden piazza (at time of post)

Krug Creperie 2 Krug Creperie 3


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