Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is typical of a Japanese restaurant; strange fish openly sliced up in a cold counter, whilst the chefs behind prepared the sushi dishes. Fortunately the place was filled with Japanese customers, which is always a good sign of a decent Japanese. The menu was littered with the strangest drinks and food; saki, eel, ‘medium’ fatty tuna and fish roe. They wouldn’t quite make the cut for an M&S advert if they were to write the script.

I ordered the full sushi set, the sushi promptly came and they were certainly generous with their fish. Great slug shaped, raw fish sat on this bed of rice. This was a hardcore Japanese restaurant, the Japanese are hardly afraid to consume the proportionate amount of the animal. Whilst I, a more delicate screamish Briton, couldn’t quite bring myself to place these specimens into my mouth. So I slowly made my way around the plate. 30 minutes later I had finished and will definitely be returning!

£32 (2 people)

50 Red Lion Street High Holborn London WC1R 4PF


Tokyo Eat 2Tokyo Eat 3


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