Burger & Shake

On a cold, rainy afternoon I found myself on a long (and a premature calorie- burning) hunt for a hamburger in Bloomsbury, and after multiple refusals to give up and resign myself to the unholy fate of yet another lunch at Pret, I stumbled across Burger & Shake.

With 90s pop music, pictures of pretty women on the wall, and a lonely bald man sitting on the next table, Burger & Shake has all the makings for a typical American burger joint. The restaurant is quite small, resulting in the beautiful fragrance of freshly grilled beef patties engulfing the entire space, making it quite the appetising atmosphere.

I ordered a cheeseburger, opting for it to be cooked medium. In addition, although not helping in my goal to get a six-pack, I decided to give in to temptation and ordered a large french fries. I guess its good my girlfriend lives in Los Angeles. The quality of the patty wasn’t the best. However, the restaurant covers this up to a fair extent by drowning the patty in a sauce that can be best described as a tangier thousand island. While there was nothing wrong with the taste of the sauce, it does make the meal a sloppy and greasy affair (guys, a first date here wouldn’t be the smartest of ideas). The buns were toasted to perfection, with a soft inside and slightly crispy edges. The fries were a bit too oily, resulting in hardly any of the potato flavour coming through.

Overall, I think Burger & Shake is a great option, but only if you, like me at the time, don’t know that there is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen right around the corner.

£23 (2 people)

47 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AP


Burger & Shake 1Burger & Shake 3


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