We are all familiar with the Lebanese restaurants peppered across Edgware Road, but exploring the streets off the main road reveals how this hyper-diverse part of London has created mini communities. Naturally, this in turn creates a demand for their home food. Kurdistan has no menu, no food pictures on the walls or counters, but you’ll find it packed with locals. English is rarely heard inside and every person who walks in is greeted like an old friend.

It’s a wonderful and intimidating place to walk into. I walk up to a waiter to ask what a Kurdish breakfast is (as it was 10am) and he told me lentil soup, or ‘Nisk’, which I saw two ladies eating. So I asked for some and it came with a quarter of a raw onion, a slice of lemon and a huge naan-like bread (£3). The salty lentil soup was warming, the onion an obscure addition, and the bread freshly made.

Perhaps next time I’ll try a flatbread with za’atar and cheese, or some liver and onions which was being prepared for lunch, who knows. But don’t you love London for having places like these?

£14 (2 people)

59 Church Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8EP

Open Monday to Friday: 10AM-9PM

Open Sunday: 10AM-6PM

020 37192496

Kurdistan 2 Kurdistan 3


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