M1LK is so hipster that if it had a nose, it would turn it up at Shoreditch. Bare brick walls, confusing coffee choices, a restaurant front that they couldn’t be bothered to redecorate so they just graffitied their name over the previous restaurant’s sign, faded typewriter font on the menu, neon sign inside and conical flasks as decoration. Oh, and it’s a brunch restaurant.

Regardless of this mesh of confusing distractions, this brunch restaurant has a charming atmosphere. I had the Sweet Maria – sweetcorn fritters, drycure bacon, grilled halloumi, avocado, kasundi, lime (£9.90 and I still don’t know exactly what kasundi is but it’s fun to say). The halloumi and bacon’s saltiness carried through to the crisp sweetcorn fritters, and in mixing with the mysterious spicy tomato-y and mustard seed-y flavoured kasundi, it was and all round delightful plate of food. Even if you’re not quite sure what you’ve ordered at M1LK, I have faith that the friendly staff will drop some good food in front of you.

Next time I might try ‘Billy the Kid’ – Red clover honeycomb, goats cheese, sourdough and flowers. Yes, flowers.

£18 (2 people)

20 Bedford Hill, London, SW12 9RG

020 8772 9085

Monday – Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday – 9am-5pm

M1LK: Website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram 

M1lk 2 M1lk 3


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