Wolkite Kitfo

Ethiopian food – not something you come across every day but peaks any foodie’s curiosity. Upon opening the menu and realising I hadn’t a clue how to gauge what was the right thing to order, I called over the waiter/owner/father of the restaurant to ask for advice. (His children were sitting at a table in the corner doing their homework intermittently shouting for his attention).

For 2 of us, we were recommended and ordered Gomen Be Siga – lamb and spring greens (£8) and Yetsom Beyaynetu – a selection of vegetable dishes (£7). Both of these were served on or with injera – a light and spongy sourdough bread. With no cutlery provided, injera was our utensil as seemed to be what the regulars around us were doing. Each feature on the plate was a good subtle blend of spices, though the sour taste of the injera although pleasant at first, was not something I wanted with every mouthful.

But if you loved the injera, you’d be a happy chappy here but don’t miss the Tej (£2.50 per glass), a mead-like alcohol served cold from a teapot into a berele (conical shaped glass).

£30 (2 people)

82 Hornsey road Holloway, London.

020 7700 3055

Wolkite Kitfo: Website/ Facebook

Wolkite Kitfo 2 Wolkite Kitfo 3


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