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Five Guys

This famous American burger chain opened its first branch in the UK in July 2013, 1 day before competitor ‘Shake Shack’ opened its first UK outlet just down the road. Serving sloppy American burgers, the two went head to head. Naturally, I had to try them both back to back.

I have no doubt in saying the burger and fries are better at five guys. This is not to say it’s the best burger you’ll ever eat. It’s still fast food, with an impressive production line (pictured), and patties are cooked from fresh not frozen. Toppings are free and numerous. If you get them all (as I did) your burger will fall apart and stuffing your hand onto your face will be the only way to polish it off.

The fries are loaded into a cup and intentionally served overflowing in the paper bag, you feel like you’re getting bonus fries. Go for Cajun fries if you like a little heat and flavour.

It’s messy, it’s fast, and if you aren’t full (which is unlikely) you can gorge on the free buckets of monkey nuts. Long live America.

£28 (2 people)

1-3 Long Acre, Covent Garden London WC2E 9LH

Five Guys: Website/Facebook/Twitter

Five Guys 3Five Guys 2


Burger & Shake

On a cold, rainy afternoon I found myself on a long (and a premature calorie- burning) hunt for a hamburger in Bloomsbury, and after multiple refusals to give up and resign myself to the unholy fate of yet another lunch at Pret, I stumbled across Burger & Shake.

With 90s pop music, pictures of pretty women on the wall, and a lonely bald man sitting on the next table, Burger & Shake has all the makings for a typical American burger joint. The restaurant is quite small, resulting in the beautiful fragrance of freshly grilled beef patties engulfing the entire space, making it quite the appetising atmosphere.

I ordered a cheeseburger, opting for it to be cooked medium. In addition, although not helping in my goal to get a six-pack, I decided to give in to temptation and ordered a large french fries. I guess its good my girlfriend lives in Los Angeles. The quality of the patty wasn’t the best. However, the restaurant covers this up to a fair extent by drowning the patty in a sauce that can be best described as a tangier thousand island. While there was nothing wrong with the taste of the sauce, it does make the meal a sloppy and greasy affair (guys, a first date here wouldn’t be the smartest of ideas). The buns were toasted to perfection, with a soft inside and slightly crispy edges. The fries were a bit too oily, resulting in hardly any of the potato flavour coming through.

Overall, I think Burger & Shake is a great option, but only if you, like me at the time, don’t know that there is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen right around the corner.

£23 (2 people)

47 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AP


Burger & Shake 1Burger & Shake 3


You have got your Burger and Lobster, Duck and Waffle, and well, Bubbledog, which as the name suggests, serves champagne and hotdogs. Having read that someone mentioned the place during an interview at Topshop HQ, I was intrigued by its name and thought it would be a good idea to check it out. You know, in case I would like to work at Topshop someday and said woman interviews me.

After promising my sister that it would not break her vegetarian regime, given that there is a vegetarian option in addition to beef or pork, we made our way one Tuesday afternoon. Next to Gaucho on Charlotte Street is this trendy little pub with cheeky sausage puppy dog illustrations on its walls. To go with our hotdogs, we ordered tots and sweet potato fries on the side. The tots were included out of curiosity to see what mini hash browns would taste like and were not particularly exciting. The sweet potato fries however were a pleasant surprise. Ordering champagne is optional but give it a go if you have ever wondered what hotdogs tasted like without coke, and champagne without caviar. I thought that was what the name was for.

£25 (2 people)

70 Charlotte St, London, W1T 4QG

Bubbledog 2 Bubbledog 3