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Al Forno

Al Forno by Shepherd’s Bush Green is delicious, if not slightly misleading. So I ordered a 13 inch Margarita Pizza (£4.80). The pizza was cooked to perfect and service was incredibly fast, even for pizza. The place certainly had an Italian rustic feel and the food was definitely worth it in my opinion. Especially with prices as low as this place, anyone who doesn’t give a place like this a try is missing out. I certainly will be going back so I hope to catch you there. Might try something different next time, maybe a lasagna? Also, the decor (inside & outside) is personally worth the visit whether you’re buying food or not.

£11 (2 people)

4 Romney Court, Shepherds Bush Green, London, W12 8PY

Al Forno: Website / Menu

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Panini House

Panini House on Exhibition Road has an unusual vibe, but lovely food! The Chicken Panini was a little too mayonnaise-y, but the flavors completely made up for it. The bread also was not great, so I cannot really explain why the sandwich worked so well. I was also served three salads, cole slaw, spinach & cucumber, and cuscus. I did not expect to like any of them, but I tried them all for the sake of this review and was thrilled! May have been the best coleslaw I have ever had. The other two were tasty as well and the whole plate was an unusual combination, but worked together flawlessly! I was planning on just eating most of the sandwich and getting to class early, but I took my time and ate it all. The Panini House also has very fast and quality service, which can be a deal breaker, even at the best restaurants. The interior confused me a little bit, everything looked very modern, but it was crowded and stiff.

£8.50 (2 people)

58 Uxbridge Road London W12 8LP

Panini House 2

Panini House 1

Temple Bar

Londoners see hundreds of these ‘restaurants’ shoved into every nook and cranny of central London. Though never homogenous chains, they somehow manage to all look the same and serve exactly the same thing – big deli fridge, fry ups in the morning, pre-made ‘gourmet’ sandwiches, jacket potatoes, microwaved lasagne…etc. Short of time to go elsewhere one day, a friend and I popped in and ordered some Arrabbiata Pasta (£5) and Carbonara Pasta (£5.50). By chance, it was a tastecard restaurant and we got it at £2.75 a bowl.

While admiring the vintage italian-brand produce shelf décor, I realised our pasta was coming from the kitchen, not the microwave! Pasta win! Food arrived – parmesan offered. Pasta rarely impresses, even more so in a bog standard café, but we were sitting in front of unexpectedly tasty pasta. A quick chat with the waitress and we discovered their Italian chef uses only De Cecco pasta – the only dry pasta Italians will swear by. Premium pasta, well made. I hope they never cut costs. Or fire the chef. Who knows what their microwaved Shepherd’s Pie is like. But the pasta is weirdly good.

£20 (2 people)

Temple Underground station, London WC2R 2PH


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