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Sen Nin

Sen Nin is a Teppanyaki flare restaurant, mimicking the style of service found in Benihana restaurants around the world. The main obvious difference is the price – Sen Nin is significantly cheaper. (roughly £20-£25 per head for the set menu as opposed to £50-£60 at Benihana in Piccadilly).

The idea is to sit around the hot griddle while the knife-wielding, joke-telling chef fills you with awe and excitement. There was fire, there were eggs in hats, there was food thrown into our mouths, there was utensil juggling, there were funny jokes and the teriyaki tilapia was cooked perfectly. I wanted another 3 pieces.

It makes for an incredibly entertaining meal out with friends. It’s not quite Benihana, it’s lacking the finesse and atmosphere that makes a good restaurant superb, but it’s worth going out of your way to see for yourself if Teppanyaki flare is not something you’ve come across before. Bonus tip: go on a Tuesday, all food is 50% off, quite the sizzling deal.

£48 (2 people) 

Islington -206 Upper Street, Islington N1 1RQ 020 7704 1890

Camden – 35 Pratt Street, Camden NW1 0BG 020 7096 1276

Monday – Thursday 12:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 23:00

Friday – Sunday  12:00 – 23:30

Sen Nin: Website

Sin Nen2Sen Nin 3 Sen Nin


Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is typical of a Japanese restaurant; strange fish openly sliced up in a cold counter, whilst the chefs behind prepared the sushi dishes. Fortunately the place was filled with Japanese customers, which is always a good sign of a decent Japanese. The menu was littered with the strangest drinks and food; saki, eel, ‘medium’ fatty tuna and fish roe. They wouldn’t quite make the cut for an M&S advert if they were to write the script.

I ordered the full sushi set, the sushi promptly came and they were certainly generous with their fish. Great slug shaped, raw fish sat on this bed of rice. This was a hardcore Japanese restaurant, the Japanese are hardly afraid to consume the proportionate amount of the animal. Whilst I, a more delicate screamish Briton, couldn’t quite bring myself to place these specimens into my mouth. So I slowly made my way around the plate. 30 minutes later I had finished and will definitely be returning!

£32 (2 people)

50 Red Lion Street High Holborn London WC1R 4PF


Tokyo Eat 2Tokyo Eat 3


Wagamama is a Japanese chain serving fresh, healthy and. Some colleagues and I went during our lunch break and all three ordered the chicken katsu curry which was pretty good and surprisingly decent portion sizes. Service was fast and the decor is nice and simple with everything you need available at the table. It’s also reassuring when a restaurant opens the kitchen to customers. Price wasn’t exorbitant (but, then again, we didn’t order alcohol) and location is amazing with the millenium dome (now called the o2 arena) visible from your table. Only downside was the atmosphere, which was slightly dead but I feel that this could just be because of the branch. You can check out the menu HERE for yourself.

Rating: 4/5

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