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Beigel Bake

Everyone loves a good bagel so look out for the Beigel Bake, a small place with a fantastic sense of tradition and in the perfect place on iconic Brick Lane. This place is great for your quick bagel fix after a late night out, a quick lunch or just a snack on a student budget. It is open 24/7, and for a smoked salmon cream cheese bagel, it is just £1.60. There aren’t many choices available, but they cover most of the classic fillings, like herring, cheese and egg. The bagel itself was chewy and fluffy at the same time just as a great bagel should be. To be honest, I thought it was better that way, more traditional. The bread choices are also basic, but the bagel is great quality, especially for the price. All in all, visit this place, it is well worth it.

£3.20 (2 people)

159 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB

Beigel Bake: Menu

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Duck and Waffle

In a city that never sleeps, its almost imperative that there be a restaurant that never sleeps. Staying open 24 hours, and sitting 40 floors high in the middle of London’s financial district, Duck and Waffle has assumed this role in some style.

The vibe of the place instantly makes you want to just have a fantastic time. The restaurant being absolutely packed, with the constant sound of trendy tunes mixed with intense laughter and conversation, makes the ambience unbelievably lively. The big glass windows allow it’s exclusive clientele to look over the city they rule, with panoramic views of London stretching from Canary Wharf to Westminster Abbey.

I went with 3 of their small plates, the roasted octopus, wild cornish pollock meatballs, and the foie gras creme brûlée. Also, the mood seemed to scream out for a cocktail, so I went with a concoction of Jack Daniels, amaro, and smoked maple leaf and autumn flavours called Autumn. The flavour of the whiskey drowned in the aromas of the smoked leaf and autumn flavours made this cocktail hit the senses in multiple ways, leaving a beautiful feeling of wholesome satisfaction after every sip.

The octopus was nicely grilled, with the squeezed lemon juice over the pieces giving it a nice tangy flavour in addition to the fishy taste of the octopus. The meatballs were also very tasty, with the lobster cream giving it a classy dressing and the breaded crumbs on top giving it a nice crunch. The winner though, by a clear margin, was the foie gras creme brûlée. I was initially skeptical about ordering a creme brûlée made out of foie gras, but thank heavens I did. With a crispy top, and a hint of caramel custard, it initially disguises itself as just another creme brûlée, but soon after the wonderful foie gras carrying its baby pieces of butter roasted lobster marches in to remind you that this is a dish of another universe. I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t featured in “Interstellar.” Every bite of this was like the first bite, as the foie gras blends so well with the caramel and lobster that I constantly questioned what it is I was tasting.

I would recommend Duck and Waffle for the creme brûlée itself, however with its spectacular views, drinks, and atmosphere, I would rate it as one of the best spots for a great night out in London I’ve been to so far. On a side note though, our group paid around £80 a person, so a trip here wouldn’t be the best time to forget your wallet!

£160 (2 people)

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

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Liz Cafe

Liz Café on Shepherd’s Bush Green has a great interior and inviting display case. The presentation is perfect for their style of bakery and manages the space well. I bought their Millionaire’s Shortbread (£2.30) to takeaway. (Keep in mind that it was damaged slightly on the way home, so the pictures are a little misleading.) The short bread and caramel were divine; I couldn’t get enough of those. The dark chocolate ganache was stale though. I really did not want to find fault with this cute bakery and yummy shortbread, but the truth is that their product was old. I haven’t been back, but I am curious to see if this was just a fluke, wishful thinking I suppose.

£10 (2 people)

7 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8QQ

Liz Cafe: Facebook / Menu

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M1LK is so hipster that if it had a nose, it would turn it up at Shoreditch. Bare brick walls, confusing coffee choices, a restaurant front that they couldn’t be bothered to redecorate so they just graffitied their name over the previous restaurant’s sign, faded typewriter font on the menu, neon sign inside and conical flasks as decoration. Oh, and it’s a brunch restaurant.

Regardless of this mesh of confusing distractions, this brunch restaurant has a charming atmosphere. I had the Sweet Maria – sweetcorn fritters, drycure bacon, grilled halloumi, avocado, kasundi, lime (£9.90 and I still don’t know exactly what kasundi is but it’s fun to say). The halloumi and bacon’s saltiness carried through to the crisp sweetcorn fritters, and in mixing with the mysterious spicy tomato-y and mustard seed-y flavoured kasundi, it was and all round delightful plate of food. Even if you’re not quite sure what you’ve ordered at M1LK, I have faith that the friendly staff will drop some good food in front of you.

Next time I might try ‘Billy the Kid’ – Red clover honeycomb, goats cheese, sourdough and flowers. Yes, flowers.

£18 (2 people)

20 Bedford Hill, London, SW12 9RG

020 8772 9085

Monday – Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday – 9am-5pm

M1LK: Website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram 

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Cinnamon Deli

Independent coffee shop, named after a spice with aphrodisiac powers, is a real hidden gem in West London. Situated on Englands Lane close to Belsize park, this place is highly loved by locals thanks to a high quality food and friendly service. Cinnamon offers its visitors a great variety of healthy and delicious options for breakfast, weekend brunch or a quick coffee fix.

Family owned café serves Monmouth coffee and desserts prepared with organic ingredients (treat yourself for a gluten-free brownie or toasted banana loaf!). Besides traditional poached eggs on a sourdough toast and porridge, you can find very unique Persian-inspired dishes such as Persian frittata Kuku Sabzi or Grilled Aubergine with lamb and yogurt sauce. Freshly squeezed juices are made by demand, and with a little imagination you can also create an original juice mix by yourself.

Whether you are going for a business meeting, romantic breakfast, or a casual cup of flat white with a friend, Cinnamon with its minimalist design, wooden floors and tables, as well as cute ceramic dinnerware and vintage bottle-glasses, will satisfy your needs (Needless to say that this place is instagram-friendly).

£15 (2 people) 

2a England’s Lane, Belsize Park NW3 4TG

020 7483 2622

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
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The Monocle Café

Only by looking at the entrance of the small café at Baker Street it feels like this place is somewhat unreal: seems like it was drawn in the city landscape canvas or carefully cut out from an old-fashioned sepia photography and glued to the NAME street. When you turn out to be inside the place, the magic continues: as Lewis Caroll’s Alice, who went after the White Rabbit into the hole, you are invited to follow the stairs to the downstairs level. There, the cosy interior with vintage lamps, beautiful photographs on walls, and a cosy fireplace create the atmosphere of a warm countryside house.

The menu, which is happily affordable, represents a trendy combination of organic salads, hot dishes, and desserts, including soft and moist cardamon-buns. Having its sister restaurant in Japan, Monocle also offers a variety of fusion Asian cuisine: try grilled-sandwich with deep-fried shrimps and chips on the side and a delicate green-tea cheesecake with white chocolate flakes, – and you will be left craving for more.

£15 (2 people)

18 Chiltern Street London W1U 7QA

0207 725 4388

The Monocle Café: Website / MenuTwitter


Workshop Coffee Co

On a glorious sunny Saturday afternoon, no city shines brighter than London, and not many parts of London are more of a testament to that fact than James Street off Oxford Street. With its cobblestone pavements and courtyards filled with al fresco diners feasting on crepes and pizza, James Street combines London vibrance with the joyousness of Rome.

Thus, it’s not very surprising that amongst these by-lanes brews one of London’s best coffees. So subtle is Workshop Coffee Co’s presence that I walked past it 3 times before realising it was in front of me. Let this not fool you though, as their coffee certainly makes its presence felt. The Machiatto I ordered left my taste buds happily knocked and jolted around and the high levels of acidity gave this coffee an awesome kick. The texture of the coffee was thick with the right amount of foam to make it feel smooth on the tongue. Also, the beans they used in making the coffee (their own brand) created a fantastic aroma, leaving an aftertaste so memorable my sushi dinner tonight tasted like Machiatto.

Considering there are 2 and a quarter seats available, it can be quite the challenge to get a place to sit at Workshop Coffee Co. People generally seemed to squeeze their stools into available pockets of air, however I found that one such pocket was sacred and must never be touched by a mere mortal. Despite there being an empty stool near the napkins, for some reason any time someone would try sit there, the baristas would drop whatever they were doing and sprint across the 1 metre long kitchen to tell them (politely of course) to move elsewhere. Aside from this mysterious ritual, the baristas couldn’t be more friendly and inviting. I actually felt like ordering more just to make them happy.

While the by-lanes of James Street really do spoil you for choice, I would strongly recommend that you let yourself get spoilt instead by what truly is a special coffee at Workshop Coffee Co.

75 Wigmore St, London W1U 1QD

020 7487 4902

Workshop Coffee Co: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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