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Beigel Bake

Everyone loves a good bagel so look out for the Beigel Bake, a small place with a fantastic sense of tradition and in the perfect place on iconic Brick Lane. This place is great for your quick bagel fix after a late night out, a quick lunch or just a snack on a student budget. It is open 24/7, and for a smoked salmon cream cheese bagel, it is just £1.60. There aren’t many choices available, but they cover most of the classic fillings, like herring, cheese and egg. The bagel itself was chewy and fluffy at the same time just as a great bagel should be. To be honest, I thought it was better that way, more traditional. The bread choices are also basic, but the bagel is great quality, especially for the price. All in all, visit this place, it is well worth it.

£3.20 (2 people)

159 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB

Beigel Bake: Menu

Bagel Bake 2 Bagel Bake 3


Workshop Coffee Co

On a glorious sunny Saturday afternoon, no city shines brighter than London, and not many parts of London are more of a testament to that fact than James Street off Oxford Street. With its cobblestone pavements and courtyards filled with al fresco diners feasting on crepes and pizza, James Street combines London vibrance with the joyousness of Rome.

Thus, it’s not very surprising that amongst these by-lanes brews one of London’s best coffees. So subtle is Workshop Coffee Co’s presence that I walked past it 3 times before realising it was in front of me. Let this not fool you though, as their coffee certainly makes its presence felt. The Machiatto I ordered left my taste buds happily knocked and jolted around and the high levels of acidity gave this coffee an awesome kick. The texture of the coffee was thick with the right amount of foam to make it feel smooth on the tongue. Also, the beans they used in making the coffee (their own brand) created a fantastic aroma, leaving an aftertaste so memorable my sushi dinner tonight tasted like Machiatto.

Considering there are 2 and a quarter seats available, it can be quite the challenge to get a place to sit at Workshop Coffee Co. People generally seemed to squeeze their stools into available pockets of air, however I found that one such pocket was sacred and must never be touched by a mere mortal. Despite there being an empty stool near the napkins, for some reason any time someone would try sit there, the baristas would drop whatever they were doing and sprint across the 1 metre long kitchen to tell them (politely of course) to move elsewhere. Aside from this mysterious ritual, the baristas couldn’t be more friendly and inviting. I actually felt like ordering more just to make them happy.

While the by-lanes of James Street really do spoil you for choice, I would strongly recommend that you let yourself get spoilt instead by what truly is a special coffee at Workshop Coffee Co.

75 Wigmore St, London W1U 1QD

020 7487 4902

Workshop Coffee Co: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Workshop Coffee Co 1 Workshop Coffee Co 2

Sketch – The Parlour

From the playground hopscotch design greeting at the entrance to the futuristic bathrooms, when it comes to interior design, Sketch is a tough beat. The Gallery, designed by British Visual Artist, David Shrigley, is pretty in pink with a bold, comical twist. The Glade on the other hand is of an enchanted forest-type setting, whilst it is the Lecture Room & Library that has been prestigiously awarded Two Michelin Stars.

Breakfast is served in The Parlour, the first room on the right after the entrance. The colours are vibrant, like that of candy, with Louis XV seating and the crockery are simply the cutest down to the tiniest details! You have a little man daydreaming, butterflies at the bottom of a teacup and a milk jug in the form of a cow. As if it could not possibly get any more fairytale-esque, the lemon meringue tart comes with a sprinkle of glitter. Sweet pastries may compliment the ambience but eggs and smoked salmon are available too.

£24 (2 people)

9 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG

The Parlour 3 The Parlour 2

Grain Store

Perhaps somewhat reflecting its “sustainable” dishes, furniture is subtly assembled to create a charming warehouse effect. Located in a casual cool industrial building that can be found just over Regent’s Canal, next to Central Saint Martins at Granary Square, Grain Store serves innovative yet amazing food. Schooled in French tradition but not one to shy away from international-influences, Bordeaux-born Chef Bruno Loubet from France, co-owns this venture with Michael Benyan and Mark Sainsbury, and is evidently not afraid to experiment with imagination. From the pumpkin raviolis to the intriguing ice-cream flavours (Chamomile!), dinner was quite the palate party. Vegetarian-friendly, it is not just the meat dishes that get the spotlight.

On the brunch menu too is a veg-centric mix of innovation that remains different from your standard brunch joint. After a hearty Saturday brunch consisting of the Potato pancake with sour cream leeks, poached duck egg & Tobiko wasabi caviar, and Seeded scone, vegemite whipped butter, herb fromage frais, smoked salmon & scrambled eggs dish, we ordered desserts despite having almost run out of stomach room. A plate of warm chocolate & red bean pudding and toasted oat & buttermilk panna cotta later, we had no regrets.

£35 (2 people)

Granary Square, 1-3 Stable Street, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AB

Grain Store 2Grain Store 3