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Bocca di Lupo

Bocca di Lupo is a classic Soho, turned Italian restaurant. The décor is very inviting with a well lit bar upon entering. My companions were both 30 minutes late and so I had a conversation with a friendly waiter. He brought over some bread, olives and water. The bread was fabulous: doughy with a sweetened onion and drenched in Olive oil, probably best to keep away from those prone to heart attack! Lo and behold my companions wafted in half an hour later and I ordered the partridge. I refused to have the mash drenched in fat and so I just had polenta instead, the staff were very easy about this. The service was slow, however it was a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty packed. I was certainly the youngest there and probably dressed the shabbiest.

The food eventually came and it was pretty damn delicious. Although not most artistically presented, the taste made up for this. Polenta is quite hard to flavour, but the chef had added a lovely cheese taste to the bland cornmeal. The side of spinach and pine nuts was also very successful.

£36 (2 people)

12 Archer St, London W1D 7BB

Bocca de Lupo 2 bocca de Lupo 3



Caravan is placed in Exmouth Square: my favorite location for a quirky, but decadent dining experience. Like it’s neighboring restaurants; Caravan’s menu is experimental with major influences from Eastern European cooking. The interiors were warmly dark and lit with candles on small tables surrounded by big windows that looked onto the street. It was packed with a range of quite sophisticated mid twenties to forties clients. A very charming and attractive waitress seated us. First we ordered the wine, which was delicious, sweet, but not overpoweringly. Then we ordered some corn bread and this had more of a cake constancy. The bread complimented the very earthy and beautifully cooked red peppers with yoghurt. It is far more interesting to order the small plates because this meant you could try an array of food and six was perfect between the two of us. Along with the peppers, we had green salted peppers and some garnished beetroots. Our preferred dish was probably the roasted sweet potatoes! The pudding was unfortunately a let down compared to the rest of the dishes, but all in all, definitely worth the pennies.

£32 (2 people)

11-13 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QDCaravan 2Caravan 3

Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is typical of a Japanese restaurant; strange fish openly sliced up in a cold counter, whilst the chefs behind prepared the sushi dishes. Fortunately the place was filled with Japanese customers, which is always a good sign of a decent Japanese. The menu was littered with the strangest drinks and food; saki, eel, ‘medium’ fatty tuna and fish roe. They wouldn’t quite make the cut for an M&S advert if they were to write the script.

I ordered the full sushi set, the sushi promptly came and they were certainly generous with their fish. Great slug shaped, raw fish sat on this bed of rice. This was a hardcore Japanese restaurant, the Japanese are hardly afraid to consume the proportionate amount of the animal. Whilst I, a more delicate screamish Briton, couldn’t quite bring myself to place these specimens into my mouth. So I slowly made my way around the plate. 30 minutes later I had finished and will definitely be returning!

£32 (2 people)

50 Red Lion Street High Holborn London WC1R 4PF


Tokyo Eat 2Tokyo Eat 3