About us

The idea of this blog is to bring writers from all walks of life together through the medium of food. We have a range of writers from all walks of life; some less wealthy, some more. Some of our writers are eating on a budget, some don’t even know what a budget is. All of our writers are, however, honest & trustworthy. They all write from the heart and all LOVE food. Honestly, they were hand-picked so I can vouch for the fact that they LOVE it.

We’re currently building the blog and we have so so many reviews coming in left, right & centre so bear with us and we will soon be jam-packed with restaurants, hot-spots, cafes, hidden gems, places to take your grandma, or a first date for that matter. We’ll have it all.

Once we’ve got enough posts on the blog, we’ll be upgrading the blog look so if you have any ideas, do let us know and we’ll implement them into the launch.

In the meantime, happy eating!



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Epic places in London to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner.

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